Thursday, December 31, 2009

My hopes for all of you in 2010

In Brazil, most people wear white clothes on New Year's Eve to bring good luck and peace for the year that will follow. Many people in Venezuela wear yellow underwear to have good luck in the new year. In Mexico, some women especially wear red underwear in hopes of finding love in the next year.

Me, I just prefer spending some good quality time with close friends around a table spread with abundant food (so if possible, make sure to have friends with more than average culinary skills. They come in very handy at times like these). Eat, talk, laugh, have fun, reconnect. And then maybe watch DVD. Or maybe play with some sparklers after that. If I ever get to roll myself out of the couch, of course.

But I'm not taking any chances people. Tonight when I meet my friends for dinner, you can expect me to wear a white shirt, a white skirt with yellow panties and a red bra underneath. I'm going to need all the luck I can get to find l-u-r-v-e in 2010!

So let us all hope for a better year ahead. Peace, Love and Understanding. Sounds so cliche but seriously, guys, the world needs so much more of it. Along with some really kick-ass Salt n Vinegar chips.

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  1. Slm madame, sy doa madame bertemu org yg madame tunggu2 selama ni.amin :-)