Saturday, January 2, 2010

I see you

5 things I love about Avatar:
  1. You stay awe-struck-gob-smacked throughout the whole movie. You do not want to blink your eyes even for a second, for fear of missing any of the insanely beautiful visual feast.
  2. Tall people are cool.
  3. The Americans are the bad guys for once.
  4. The men in Pandora "communicate", "connect", "feel", "see". These are not alien concepts to them.
  5. There's a 3D option.

5 things I hate about Avatar:

  1. The Na'vi have 0% body fat. Urgh.
  2. They don't have pink Ikrans.
  3. Anybody could have written the dialogue. Anybody.
  4. The soundtrack is so haunting at times you just want to cry. And I am such a wimp.
  5. Dances With Wolves in outer space anyone?

But having said that, who cares about the weak narration, the deja vu storyline and the hideously beefed up Army Colonel with the scars (I was expecting to see stars as well on the other side of his head to go with the stripes)? We watch Avatar for its story of redemption, for the liberation of the hero. We watch the movie for the loud Green and anti-War message that it's trying to get across. We want to have all our senses awakened at the sheer fecundity of nature. We want to always have the images of the Pandora woods at night, in all its luminescent glory, imprinted in our minds. We applaud at the victory of the Na'vi, we want to believe that there is still hope in humanity and mankind. That we still have compassion, we still have empathy. And as we watch the movie right to the end, we secretly wish inside that such a beautiful yet alien land existed in our world. Avatar is truly a Pandora's box of wonders.

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