Thursday, December 24, 2009

Salade aux fruits

When I told a friend about my intention to have a blog, the first thing he asked me was:
"What is your theme?"

Eh...nak buat blog mesti ada tema ke?
"Of course my dear! Is it going to be satirical? Funny? Political? Dark? All about sharing recipes? Bikin cerita mistik ala Tamar Jalis?"

Rojak boleh?

As my niece would sometimes say to me as we hang around doing nothing,
"Mak Long, there are so many songs playing in my head right now...I just don't know which one to sing..."

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  1. theme?? hope mdme will not stuck when u hav limited ideas, i once had a theme, but then it limit my writing style and ideas. so rojak je...;)

  2. Hello chevalier. Yes I agree with you completely. Just let your mind wander and the writing will follow suit :)