Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tersilap hantar

Salam and Bonsoir everyone.

I received this flyer in my email this evening. I am guessing that I was mistaken for another younger, more hip and more punk lady who bears the same name as I do. I know absolutely nothing about punk music. I thought The Cure were punk. They were not apparently. I confused them with The Clash. The first time I saw a boy wearing a Ramones t-shirt to class, I asked him if it was a new cigarette brand (dulu cikgu tuisyen saya hisap rokok Rothmans). My students have since given up trying to explain to me the difference between garage rock, punk rock and pop punk. For me it's just very fast music which involves a lot of jumping and kicking onstage. Dan pemakaian seluar ketat.

Nevertheless I find this material interesting because of the band names. If you translate them into Bahasa Melayu, they would make very nice book titles that would suit a variety of genre.

Book title: Neraka Kejam
Genre: Romance

Book title: Daging Yang Dimuntahkan
Genre: Comics and Graphic Novels

Book title: Kelewatan Tak Terhingga
Genre: Medical and Health Sciences

Book title: Osman Tikus
Genre: Children's Books

Book Title: Darah Di Baju Pengantin
Genre: Mystery and Thriller

And please don't make me translate the title of the flyer.

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