Monday, March 1, 2010

It doesn't work anymore

Circa 1980:

My dad was watching something on the television. I was on the floor beside him in my own fantasy world, playing masak-masak. My teddy bear was the VIP guest and I had to prepare a special treat for tea-time. So we were talking and laughing (my teddy and I), catching up on news while we waited for the imaginary fried meehoon to cook. And of course, making a lot of noise. Then suddenly my instincts told me that I had a pair or eyes piercing through my back. True enough, when I looked behind I saw my dad staring at me. So I got the message and shut up.

Fast forward to a few days ago:

My dad was watching his favorite documentary on the telly. His granddaughter was on the floor beside him, in her own fairytale land, playing with her dinosaurs. They were having a loud discussion on what to wear for a party (my niece and her dino friends). My dad used the same tactic he used on me 30 years ago. He just stared at his granddaughter. She caught him staring at her.

And stared back. With hands on the hips.

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  1. two different generations......hehehe....berani budak2 skrg kan!

  2. kak mahani: heheh. bila masuk bab cucu ni, my dad memang cepat mengalah :)

  3. haha.. i can imagine ur niece.. mesti cute ngan mata jegil2 konon.. hehehe

  4. attiesya: heheh. kalau dulu-dulu kita buat macam tu sure dah kena punya! :)

  5. ha ha ha ha, that's right..
    and you know how strict my Dad was with us when we were little kan?but guess what, he's pretty much speechless now when it comes to my boys...**geram pun ada jugak!**

  6. zaza: you know what, last saturday we went to your dad's house in senawang for a kenduri doa selamat for your grandfather. your dad mentioned the same thing. bila dah tua ni, dah mellow. he mentioned about your sons. i'm sure he misses them :)