Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's an IT infested world

Once in class, I asked my students to do a bit of writing. I went around to see their work. Some of them asked me a lot of questions. Some preferred to discuss with their friends.

One of the students wrote all his sentences in small letters. I guess it's the habit you cultivate from years of texting messages and typing emails to others instead of writing letters the old-fashioned way (now known as snail mail). So I reminded him about this grammar point.

"We have to use a capital letter to start a sentence."

He turned to his friend.
"Capital letter tu apa wei?"

His friend's reply: "Kalau kau nak mula ayat tu kena la guna Caps Lock."

"Owhh. Okay okay."

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  1. haha...
    seriously dat guys dunno what is capital letter madame?

  2. so if you ask him what is the capital letter of France, surely he would answer Paris....yeah...

  3. Le Chevalier: the students are more familiar with computer terms :)