Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comparative and superlative

When I first started working in MFI, I taught English because the first batch of students didn't start learning French until the second semester. At that time the syllabus was more centered around basic grammar before brushing up on their writing and speaking skills.

One day we did a lesson on forming comparative and superlative adjectives. We discussed the different ways of constructing them, by adding -er/-est, ier/iest or more/most. Then after that naturally came the drilling exercises.

As I went around the class to check their work, two students (I shall call them X and Y) put up their hands to ask me something. They were having an argument and wanted to verify with me.

-Yes, gentlemen, how can I help you?
-Ni ha, madam, si X ni, dia tanya kalau untuk popular kita tambah apa. Saya cakap tambah -er. Jadi popularer. Dia kata salah.
-Ohh...ok. Well that is the wrong answer.

Student X was happy to hear my reply.
-See? I tell you? I tell you what?

Then student Y turned to me and asked:
-Habis tu madam apa yang betulnya?

Before I could say anything, student X quickly added:
-Ek elehh...apalah bongok ko ni. Bukan popularer. Popularier. Tambah -ier.

-Kan madam kan?

Cute. My cute little students. :)

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  1. Lemme introduce you to my Auntie's students- Bur & Blur-er.ha ha ha ha...

  2. zaza: heheh...but they keep you young at heart! :)