Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sea horse

A couple of nights ago I was chilling with my niece on the bed, doing nothing. Well actually she was reading her story book and I was doing nothing. Then she looked at me and asked me a riddle.

-Mak Long why is a sea horse not in the ocean?
-I don't know. Why not?
-Because it lives in the sea. Hahahahahah. Isn't that funny?
-Aina why do you say it's funny when nobody else is laughing?

(in pensive mode...reflecting...thinking...but only for a few seconds)

-You know what Mak Long?
-I'm not the one who's not're the one who cannot laugh...heheheh...kan Mak Long kan? Kuchi kuchi!

In the real adult world, we can see this in two ways:
1) We always see things in our own perspective. Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes.
2) Dalam dunia ni engkau je ke yang betul? Orang lain semuanya salah? (I wonder if my niece thinks so of me.....)

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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