Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But that's not fair!

When I was a little girl I was once scolded by my Mum because I forgot to switch off the fan in my room. It was on the whole day. I had wasted electricity and of course, money. I felt very angry for getting scolded at. So I decided on an act of rebellion. Just for revenge.

The next day at the end of school I took a blue chalk from the classroom blackboard. I had this idea of doing some graffiti of my own at home, just to annoy my Mum the way she had done so to me. When I got home I acted normal, had my lunch, did my homework and packed my bag for the next day. Then when nobody was looking, I quietly went to the front porch to do some damage on the wall. I had friends who came over to the house to play with me at that time, so it would be difficult for my Mom to pinpoint who the culprit was. They were all upstairs by the way.

I scribbled on the wall in big capital letters. Then I took a step back, admired my handiwork and threw the chalk into the rubbish bin. I washed my hands, went back into the house and sat in front of the TV like a good little kid.

When my Mom came out and saw what I had done, she went ballistic and scolded me even more. I got angrier at the injustice of it all. Why did she have to accuse me? There were so many other kids in the house at the time the crime was committed!

Nevertheless it took me nearly two hours of scrubbing with soapy water and a bristle brush to get the graffiti off the wall. I was sobbing all the way through, regretting the fact that I didn't plan well enough, resulting in an outcome that was the most undesired. It was a good thing she didn't even smack my bum as well.

I had written in capital letters (at least 6 inches in height) the name NURHAYATI.

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  1. Questions:
    1) How little were you when you said little?
    2) Were you not into pink at the time of the crime cuz I was surprised you took the blue chalk instead of the pink?
    3) Was the Simpsons already shown on TV back then? I don't think so! :)

    Anyway, that was a good one, you naughty lil girl, NURHAYATI!

  2. Jo: when i said little, i think i might have been in standard 2 at that time (maybe as tall as you now heheh). i remember it was blue very well because it was so difficult to scrub it off!

  3. you always get me confused lah......but enjoyed reading it :)))