Saturday, January 30, 2010

The power of visualisation

My 6 year old niece likes Barbie and Princess and the colour pink. But she also loves dinosaurs, dragons, snakes, crocodiles and alligators. That's her yin and yang.

A few days ago she was playing with her three toy dinosaurs. Not the purple plush Barney kind of thing, but a realistically looking Brontosaurus, T-Rex and Pterodactyl. You know the ones made of hard plastic and painted either green, brown or black. She was in her element, acting out the parts of the three dinosaurs herself, using three different voices.

-Aina tengah main apa tu?
-Main dengan toys Aina.
-Oh. Best tak main dengan dinosaur?
-They are not dinosaurs. They are fairies.
-But they look like dinosaurs.
-No. They are pink fairies with white wings. YOU think they look like dinosaurs. Cuba Mak Long tengok betul-betul.
-Haaa OK OK. Betul lah fairies.

Who am I to argue? After all, it's her own little world of imagination!

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  1. You should video tape such moments....:) She's growing up fast.
    Hmmm....I wonder where her passion for the colour pink came from? Any adult influence, I wonder?

  2. Jo: aku kagum betul bila dia boleh buat 3 suara yang berlainan tu. reminds me of someone :)

  3. she's obsessed with pink, isn't she? so cute :)

  4. adawiah: yes she absolutely loves pink :)