Sunday, January 24, 2010

Semoga mendapat sedikit pencerahan

Here are some questions that I always ask myself but never bothered looking for the answers:

  1. Who are the people who started A&W? Are they Malaysian? Ahmad & Wong?
  2. When a fish is thirsty, does it just open its mouth and gulp the water?
  3. Do fish get seasick for that matter?
  4. Why is the word saga in Proton Saga not pronounced the same way as the saga in biji saga?
  5. Why do my students tell me traffic jam causes them to be late to class when the distance from their house to the university is less than 5 kilometres?
  6. If the Incredible Hulk marries Catwoman and have a baby, will their offspring be a Hulkbaby with whiskers and a tail or a green Catbaby wearing little torn trousers ("Don't make me angry, I'll be too cute for you when I'm angry'')?
  7. Does anyone remember how the axe logo looks like on the minyak cap kapak bottle?

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  1. Does pencerahan mean "enlightenment"? LOL! Yati, one day, the scientists will preserve your brain like that of Einstein's to learn how a French lecturer thinks!

  2.'s only Yati....not all french lecturers are like that...

  3. jo: i like the word pencerahan. boleh digunakan dalam berbagai konteks :)

    dewee: come on beb. kita se spesis okeh heheh