Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sakit pinggang

For the past two days I have been lying horizontal most of the time in bed because of a lower back pain. It started last Friday. I suddenly had this feeling of discomfort at the lower back area during class. I thought it was just some muscle fatigue. Standing in class for at least 3 hours straight every day can sometimes take a toll on your body.

And the drive back home that day after work was the longest one ever! Suddenly everything out there was working against you. I was aware of every pothole and bump on the tarmac. And why did the whole of Klang Valley have to go back at the same time and cause this massive traffic jam? Excuse me, I have a back pain. I need to get to my bed pronto!

At home I tried everything to relieve the pain and discomfort. Semuanya serba tak kena. Nak jalan susah. Nak duduk sakit. Nak tidur pun perlu berhati-hati. God bless everyone who tried to help by sms-ing me all the tried and tested remedies. I tried everything. Minyak panas, tiger balm, sleeping with my back propped up with pillows for support, lying down with my feet higher up. And not to mention the use of hot water bottles (in the form of two grumbling and less-than-eager-to-help cats). Oh yes. Salonpas patches and Yoko Yoko. I can safely say that I now smell like a sinseh shop. I also did some yoga poses: the cat pose, the happy baby pose, the crocodile pose. They are supposed to help relax the spinal cord.

So I guess by tomorrow if things still don't look any better I may have to go visit the doctor.

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  1. a doctor friend once told me that org tinggi boleh dpt sakit pinggang juga....wallahualam. Take care....u need more rest :)